portfolio (Q2 2017)

1) ethereum: fundamentally revolutionary technology if we make it work and don't abuse the ease of creating tokens and performing large-scale crowd sales. (portfolio composition - 50%)

2) bitcoin: the first cryptocurrency, with greatest consumer recognition (despite still relatively unknown in the greater scheme of things...). two caveats to this: 1) I tried to buy a froyo this morning and asked the girl if they accepted bitcoin. "what? what's that?" was the response which clearly means the community needs to work on getting bitcoin into the mainstream consciousness or else the experiment will 'fail' for whatever definition of failure you want to apply. and 2) core devs need to get their act together and deal with how to scale the network properly. pretty soon ethereum will eclipse btc market cap and if that happens i would liquidate my position completely for ethereum. (22%)

3) swarm city: the only dApp on ethereum that looks like it has any practical purpose that normal people would use. hopefully the tags system gets iterated on, as it could get pretty ugly in practice. rough start with the first co-founder but still a great project with real value. excited for their first release on june 17! this is the kind of stuff people are interested in, not decentralized supercomputers or prediction markets with dubious real-world value. (18%)

4) aeternity: another blockchain project (sorry...). no other reason I'm involved other than my faith in Zack Hess. really think ethereum will leave these guys in the dust though, they have a lot to demonstrate if they want to stay relevant in the face of ethereum's extremely involved community. also I love erlang so it wins some points right off the bat. (5%)

5) urbit: decentralize All The Things! very weird but very compelling project. excited for the potential this has, and actively working on building out better documentation for the urbit community until better tooling is available to build real-world applications on top of this platform. the idea that we need to tie real-world identity to digital identity is apparent from my involvement with smart contract development on ethereum, and its clear that despite the mental overhead of this urbit universe and the odd linguistic choices, curtis yarvin is a very smart (if not controversial...) guy and this project could easily be the most disruptive. but overall this is the weirdest project of the above by far. (5% - will increase this when they auction off more stars)