Dear Apple

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I have always been a little bit frustrated that there are very limited options to perform tasks in bulk.

Two examples spring to mind:

1) if Ive created an app folder on my ios screens,  theres no way to kill the folder without individualy removing the apps. thats kind of annoying

2) bulk 'Old Reminder removal' - is this another option that is invisible until discovery?

GET - lists all endpoints

PUT conforming to xyz

returns success/not & an ID for you to track



Apple, what the fuck?

the secret apple business model: for a 1TB ssd laptop, charge $5K. every software update from here on out, make it a couple gigabytes. >:)

Can someone at Apple please explain to me what else is going on in the update that requires 2+ gb? I really do hope its not actually to just make sure messages are not out of order, because if that's the case I'll happily (FOR FREE) come by and cook up an very nice sorting algorithm (TIME-BASED, REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.... #innovation) that is less than 10,000 lines of code. Just for you, I'll even  write it in the language of your choice.

I actually want to use my laptop for work, my own projects, and not being a breeding ground for future money-extraction schemes that you're cooking up over in Cupertino. The iCloud backup messages are literally borderline harassment at this point, and there are so many dark patterns that try to scare you into not doing what you want to do: 1) like I can't tell iCloud to fuck off anymore because it says it'll delete all my notes on my iPhone, 2) subscriptions just start charging me for random apps I use once and then never use again, 3) million other examples that I'm not going to waste my time to go through. You know what you're doing, and its sooooo annoying I could scream. No actually never mind, I'm actually screaming right now.

Seriously give me an explanation for the above. What else am I downloading? Completely unacceptable!!!

Apple I hate you right now and I only am in this relationship because you're the prettiest of them all.

"Previously, on Gossip Girl"

I graduated from Maryland in Spring 2015 with a B.S. in Computer Science. My coursework focused on a bunch of practical stuff like database design, software engineering, "data science/machine learning" and I tried to take as many electives as I could get away with. Its important not to bucket yourself into your major. Life's too short for arbitrary lines drawn to group people because of a fancy stamp from one institution or another, and there's too much to learn to just be forced to accept someone else's idea of whats important when time is so precious - its not the things that matter but the connections between the things, as the machines will say.

I interned at GS during Summer 2014 and then rehired full-time to work on a cross-asset technology team called Trading Shared Services (TSS), subsequently renamed to Derivative Trade Lifecycle Management Technology. This was for a year after having interned Summer of 2014. Later it again transformed into a new team that handles clearing and settlements of OTC derivatives and related middleware. I realized that I wasn't sharing a look into the world of trading, despite the name of the team. Since the very beginning of my relationship with GS I was interested in moving closing toward the front office, with the dream of actually sitting in a trading role. I had always wanted to learn the business of making markets for clients and how to effectively risk manage/hedge the various risks that you take on by trading financial instruments, all while still attempting to profit from arb opportunities found in the markets. I had a special focus on credit derivatives lifecycle management, EM credit derivative  and mortgage products gross notional compression in TSS and decided I wanted to try something new, but related. After promoting the growth and development of the team and its structure, I pursued a new opportunity in...

IRP Trading Technology located on the FICC trading floor of the same Goldman Sachs NYC headquarters in Lower Manhattan that I started in. My world opened up and I started interacting more with the salesforce and traders, realizing that my previous dream was something I was increasingly serious and passionate about. I started studying and applied to a few gigs that I thought I didn't have a chance of getting...

Macro cryptoasset commentary (Q3 2017, v. 1 - R&D focus)

1) ETH correction

Yeah, generally when an asset appreciates 2000% in the span of a few months, early investors exhibit rational investor behavior and begin to take profits, leading to some kind of correction. Losses felt by speculators interested only in making quick dollars should be expected,  and my advice to anyone who asks me if they should buy ETH/BTC/XYZ is always "no" because if you're asking the question, you haven't done any kind of due diligence. This is most likely a new asset class and as Gaven Andresen said at the first MIT Bitcoin Expo: "this is a big experiment, you guys are crazy for putting all this money in it" (paraphrased). Ethereum laid the groundwork for practical smart contracts, and Solidity is just one of many programming languages that have been implemented to enable programmatic cashflow management.

List of things that don't help right now:

2) Crisis averted with BTC

Just kidding.

3) Current Collé Group, Inc. portfolio composition

See here for up-to-date portfolio composition information. Please do not ask me for risk or P&L information as this is sensitive and proprietary. The portfolio total valuation is significantly lower than its ATH due to the recent corrections in cryptomarket valuations, but this is extremely reasonable given the lack of material goods/services acquirable with these new ICOs that have emerged and dominated the fundraising landscape over last 6 months. I'm very happy to chat more with folks whom I have a personal relationship with. Please do buy them if you need to acquire goods or purchase services that are exclusively available with cryptocurrencies as the payment mechanism. Please do buy cryptocurrency baskets/single-name investments if you are interested in getting exposure to this new and still rapidly evolving landscape and are willing to hold these assets over a long-term investment horizon. And please do buy them to send me some ETH for the hard work I do putting together these posts for you! (And to answer another popular question I get ahead of time: No, you really shouldn't buy cryptocurrencies if you are exclusively interested in speculating on a highly volatile market. If your interest in a commodity/asset on the basis of your fear of missing out, you're gonna miss out in another way instead... miss out on your dollars.


I've been working on the architecture/design for a project that I'm tentatively calling QUOLEND (all caps because I'm just that excited about it) which originates loans in a decentralized manner. TBA Q4 (likely near the end of that quarter given some awesome news I'm very proud to share). I'll probably be implemented major parts of this myself as I'm comfortable doing dev with the Solidity smart contract scripting language in Ethereum.


I'm building a cryptocurrency implemented on the  insane/revolutionary Urbit stack (likely some kind of other language that compiles down to Nock unless I muster the courage to write it in Hoon directly). Will likely float a ERC20 token to raise capital initially as a way to finance a small team of engineers and security specialists to focus their time on this effort full-time. Will likely have to structure the venture in such a way that doesn't destroy our competitiveness by making the capital requirements to operate the venture prohibitive, if only to comply with regulation I consider harmful to growth and stifling for innovation. Will release a post with more information relatively soon when I get a chance. For the time being I'll be focused on actually learning Hoon as I've only acquired some stars as part of the overall exposure I'm gaining to the cryptoasset space. Once I have a prototype up and functioning I'll transition to a more abstract management role given my experience with a broad array of bootstrapped crypto-asset systems (IMO this is a much better and more complete decription of these cryptomoney and money-like innovations) and my desire to experiment with a hands-off approach with an ICO-funded venture.